Mass Flow Meter

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Mass Flow Meter

  • Vendor:Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

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The Mass Flow Meters of the IN-FLOW series are of rugged design (IP65) for use in pilot and production plants in industrial environments or even Zone 2 hazardous areas.


  • Weatherproof IP65 housing
  • Fast response, excellent repeatability
  • Pressure ratings up to 700 bar
  • Compliant with RoHS directives


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Product series  IN-Flow
IP Rating IP-65
Media H2
Flow 56 - 2800 ln/min
Accuracy ±1% FS at calibration conditions
Calibrated Pressure 370 kpa(g)
Inlet pressure (P1) 370 kpa(g)
Valve function Normally Closed
Media temperature 20°C
Seals Viton
Inlet connection 3/4" Face Seal O-ring
Outlet connection 3/4" Face Seal O-ring
Digital I/O RS-232 I/O, n.c. controller function
Analog I/O 4 to 20 mA (sourcing)
Supply  +15 to 24 VDC
Reference conditions 0°C and 1.013 bar