About Hoskin Scientific

For over seventy years, Hoskin Scientific has been a supplier of testing and monitoring instrumentation to the Canadian market. With offices in Vancouver, Burlington, and Montreal our customers are able to receive local sales and technical support in our three major departments.

Our Environmental Department provides solutions for monitoring and sampling biological and chemical parameters in the environment. Our team of environmental sales representatives and diverse product range guarantee that you will find the right products for your application. Specific areas include: water quality, water quantity, soil moisture, plant science, weather stations, indoor air quality, aquatic sampling, and oceanography. Whatever the area of specialty, Hoskin Scientific’s environmental department can equip you to collect the data you need for your project whether through a purchase or rental.

Our Materials Testing Department offers testing equipment for soil, asphalt, petroleum, concrete and cement. Our qualified sales associates focus on providing a sophisticated range of testing equipment complying with the various test methods, ensuring that accurate and consistent test results are always obtained.

Our Instrumentation Department focuses on a wide range of products including, transducers and transmitters, data acquisitions and loggers, signal conditioners and indicators, microscopes, scanning electron microscopes (SEM), xray CT/scanning systems, coordinate measurement machines (CMM), optical camera systems, automation sensors and automated measurement systems. We have technical sales associates that are trained in various areas and willing to help you with your instrumentation requirements.

Hoskin Scientific